Neighbors to Neighbors Clean-up Day

On Saturday, October 27th, students woke up early to give their time to serve the community at Downtown Neighborhood Connection’s (DNC) annual Community Cleanup. Neighbors to Neighbors (N2N) coordinated part of the effort to engage first-year students with the Carlisle community. After arriving at the town square at 9am, students were given different tasks depending on what individual neighborhoods felt was needed. My group headed up Hanover St. to parks on Penn St. We were given the job of picking up garbage in the parks and along the railroad track.

We combed through the parks around Hope Station and found that most of trash consisted of candy wrappers and soda cans. We then headed down the railroad track en route back to campus. Some of the students decided to be very sustainable and sorted the waste they picked up into recycling and landfill. I was glad to see that the sustainability theme was already impressed upon the first-years only a couple months into their time at Dickinson! Two hours after we started, we had collected about 10 bags full of waste. In the end, 50 Dickinson students volunteered their time at the Community Cleanup this year, making it a great success!

Bernadette Brandt, Neighbors to Neighbors Student Leader


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