Neighbors to Neighbors

The Neighbors to Neighbors program is a fairly new program which recruits first-year students and introduces them to the various types of community service activities available within the Dickinson and Carlisle Community. The three liasons of the Neighbors to Neighbors program are Bernadette Brandt’13, Alejandra Chavez’14, and Heather Geist’15. Below you will find a quick blurb from the liasons about their amazing experiences they have had working alongside the Dickinson community. We would like to extend a tremendous “Thank you!” to all the volunteers and the liasons for making this program so successful!

“The Adams Neighborhood works with Downtown Neighborhood Connection (DNC), a local nonprofit that works to strenghten residential neighborhoods, with an emphasis on encouraging home ownership, rehabilitationg older buildings, improving older neighborhoods and avoiding blight. Past projects for students have included working in community gardens, community cleanup days, and painting recycling bins for the borough to use.”
-Bernadette Brandt’13

“As one of the liaisons for N2N I have worked alongside Bosler’s Children’s library tutoring middle school students with Quads Neighborhood first-years residents. It has been an amazing experience building a community within the first years through service.”
-Alejandra Chavez’14

“Being a liaison between Drayer Hall and the Thornwald Home has been such a rewarding experience. Not only have I been able to connect and get to know the first-year students, but I have also had the pleasure of getting to know all the residents and staff at Thornwald. Both students and residents agree that a few hours spent at Thornwald on Wednesday nights if fun for all, whether we are bowling, playing shuffle board, or helping out with a craft. The enthusiasm and positive attitude of the Dickinson students has really made an impression on our community partner and I hope it is a relationship that continues to grow!”
-Heather Geist’15


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